Let Our Scars Fall in Love

-People are going to use you and you are going to let them because it will feel so nice to be needed
- Your friends are going to break your heart and you are going to let them because you will think they are your friends
-it is going to be 4 in the afternoon and your mother is going to drag you out of bed and you will let her because you don’t want her to worry
-There is going to be a boy who does nothing but hurt you and you are going to let him because you think this is love
-Someone is going to come to with open arms to take you in and help you but you will not let them because you think you are too far gone to save

— It’s never too late to be brand new (via esssence)

Screw skinny. Screw being obsessed with counting calories. Screw destroying your metabolism. Screw the scale. Screw negative self talk. This is not what life should be about. Please choose happiness, please choose health. I beg you - please choose life.

— (via anna-learns-to-love-herself)